Welcome to Cutover Writing

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Welcome to the first post of Cutover Writing, my blog about making the transition – or cutover – to writing.

There’s nothing more exciting and full of possibility than starting the journey towards achieving a new objective.  It’s a time when the dreaming, planning and preparation ends and the first practical steps towards a goal are taken.  This is the cutover phase, the point where you have to leave a known, stable position and negotiate a path towards the new.

I’ve borrowed the term cutover from the world of project management, where it’s used to describe a period of transition from one state to another.  The cutover phase is a time of maximum change, energy and excitement.  And the aim is to move as quickly as possible through the turbulence that exists near the boundary layer and into the clear, smooth flow beyond.

That’s what I’m aiming for with Cutover Writing.  My plan is to find and document the ideas, tools and techniques that move me each step of the way through the cutover phase of my own personal project.  So, Cutover Writing will have two interwoven themes:  the process of cutover that’s crucial to achieving any goal; and, more specifically, the cutover to writing, my own personal objective.

In that sense it’s about me, but I hope Cutover Writing has something for you as well.  If you also happen to be on the journey to becoming a better writer, then I hope we can learn from each other.  But if you are pursuing a different passion, then I hope we can at least share a common theme – finding a passion, pursuing it, and having a degree of success along the way.

I hope you will share your own thoughts on the process of cutover towards your own goal.  So please feel free to comment on this post and on the ones that follow.