Hi, I’m Andrew Bowie and Cutover Writing is my blog about making the transition, or cutover, to writing fiction.

I’ve borrowed the term cutover from the world of project management where it’s used to describe the period of transition from one phase another.  Like all transitions, the aim is to move as quickly as possible through the turbulence that exists near the boundary layer and into the clear, smooth flow beyond.

That’s what I’m aiming for – the clear, smooth flow that comes from following a passion to write.  I know that’s still some way off, but I intend to enjoy the process of getting there.

In the mean time, my goal with Cutover Writing is to describe that change process, to document here the things I learn along the way, and to have the occasional laugh when things don’t go exactly as planned.  And, I hope that it might inspire you to try the process of cutting over to whatever your passion is.